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The birth of your child is an experience that you'll never forget and that will impact you for the rest of your life. That's why birth matters!

Gather knowledge about physiological birth, get inspired by others, get to know what your individual needs are and prepare to OWN YOUR BIRTH! That will be the most valuable investment you'll ever make.

Owning your birth means taking responsibility for your body, birth and baby by educating yourself, and making conscious choices about birth and parenthood.

It's about taking back your power and giving birth actively, on your own terms - as opposed to being "delivered". 

Own Your Birth is a source of information and inspiration for parents-to-be as well as for doulas, midwives, nurses, students, doctors and anyone else interested in changing the way we look at birth. 

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OYB Webinars Schedule Spring 2021

We have an amazing spring ahead of us with renowned international birth experts and inspiring Swedish guests. Some of the webinars will be in English and some in Swedish. Go to our blog to see our exciting schedule for spring 2021.

Schedule spring 2021


Three to four Thursdays a month, at 19.00-20.30 (7-8.30 pm CET). 

Some of the most experienced and knowledgeable birth experts will join us. Together we'll reflect on the subject, get new perspectives, have fun and create a safe space for everyone to enjoy.



(launch later in the spring)

This eight weeks journey will fully prepare you and your partner to give birth - and start parenthood on your own terms. Included are Braïdo Organics' unique oils.   




(coming up soon)

This course is for you who want a shorter guide to an empowering birth and a gentle start to parenthood. We offer it both in English and in Swedish.


“I wouldn’t be the mother I am today if it wasn’t for this network of sisters, midwives, doulas and advocates of holistic women’s health and maternity care! The Own Your Birth webinars and community, and Kristina Turner’s and Maria Bengtsson Lenn’s books, have not just provided me with lots of information and contacts, they have helped me find that inner authority and force that every woman has—and that every birthing woman needs. It takes a village—let’s recreate it." 

Helen Light, participant in Own Your Birth webinars, spring and autumn 2020.

“If you’re expecting a baby DON’T MISS THIS! Amazing Kristina Turner and Maria Bengtsson Lenn share their insights and talk to expert guests. As a doula, I often say: “prepare to give birth at home, even if you’re going to give birth in hospital”. The knowledge these women have and are able to share resonates deeply with me, and you won’t get this information from hospitals or maternity clinics, unfortunately. So don’t miss it!"

Tinna Björk Ólafsdóttir, doula and photographer, participant in Own Your Birth webinars spring 2020.

Feedback from more participants

"Thank you for all your work and these amazing webinars!!"

"I just gave birth to a beautiful daughter at home thanks to this forum."

"Thank you for all the empowerment." 

"Big thank you for today and this term!"


"I’ve followed your webinars all autumn and am so grateful for what you’re doing. I’m a new Doula."

"Thank you for doing this! It’s really brightened my life this autumn."

"Future (homebirth) midwife in southern Sweden here, love this format which raises so many incredibly important aspects."

"Big thanks for the amazing work you’re doing."

"Thank you for everything."

"You’re amazing for doing this work!"

"See you again next week, you’ve been an amazing support."

"Thank you for today!! Always so rewarding."

"I’m so looking forward to next year’s webinars!"

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