Give Birth Like a Feminist, with Milli Hill.

Apr 15, 2022

We just had an amazing webinar with Milli Hill, founder of the Positive Birth Movement and author of Give Birth Like A Feminist, and feel elated! It is so inspiring to speak to someone who is such a long-standing champion of women’s rights in childbirth and who doesn’t shy away from standing up for women.

In this webinar, she shares some key insights about navigating a system rigged against women, reclaiming your autonomy and taking charge of your own birth. “It is about becoming a permission giver rather than a permission seeker”

Don’t miss it! Until the end of the term you can download the webinar as an individual product, but it will remain in or library for all our subscribers to enjoy when it suits them.

Own Your Birth is a source of information and inspiration for parents-to-be as well as for doulas, midwives, nurses, students, doctors and anyone else interested in changing the way we look at birth. 

Owning your birth means taking responsibility for your body, birth and baby by educating yourself, and making conscious choices about birth and parenthood.

It's about taking back your power and giving birth actively, on your own terms - as opposed to being "delivered". 

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