Gallery of Birth Queens

These women followed Own Your Birth during their pregnancy, gathered together the information they needed to make great choices and gave birth on their own terms. They are our ambassadors, expert consultants and friends for life.

We asked them what “Owning Your Birth” means to them and why they recommend Own Your Birth, and these are their answers:

Angelica Ramos Eklund

"To me owning your birth means to re-member and reclaiming our innate wisdom and great courage, taking full responsibility for the mental physical and spiritual body,  to honor the sacred path of pregnancy and birth knowing it is our right to birth the way our hearts desire. 

I recommend Own Your Birth to anyone who wants to be given invaluable and unforgettable tools and information from experts, with a community at your side with big hearts and loving support, that is there to empower you on your journey! 

I made new friends and got so inspired that I now myself am at service as a birthkeeper and postpartum guardian."


Gina Di Mauro

"To me owning your birth means to take back the power and control of my own body, to take charge of how I want my baby to enter this world, to make conscious choices for me and my child, to prepare myself and listen to my body, my mind and my soul. I'm not just giving birth to my child, I'm also giving birth to myself as a new woman, as a mother. 

I wanted to feel respected, undisturbed and to be treated as a woman about to give birth and not be treated as a sick person at a hospital. 

I recommend Own Your Birth to every birthing person or partner to get a wider perspective and knowledge about pregnancy and birth. 

I had a big fear of childbirth and thought that I would never carry a child or be a mother. Own Your Birth helped me through that fear and I learned to trust my body."

Ellinor Olofsson 

”To me owning your birth means taking back control over the female body. Preparation is key. Do the research. Trust your intuitions. Ask the questions. Feel every emotion. Doing this before you go into labor will make you feel empowered, as a woman and as a mother. You are the one in charge (the little baby may also have some say). No one has the authority over your body. Especially not during birth. That moment belongs to you and your baby.

I recommend Own Your Birth because I was really scared to give birth, as many women are, and this community cured me. Believe it or not. I actually wanted an elective c-section at first. By joining Own Your Birth I learned so much about the physiology and it helped me to overcome my fears. I had an unmedicated home birth for 34 hours and got transferred to a hospital when I had been 10 cm open for quite some time. Still ended up with a wonderful emergency c-section though. Yes wonderful. Because I owned every second of my birth. I was in charge (and my stubborn little baby).

The support and guidance I got from this platform. No words. Women. Mothers. Sisters. Together we are unstoppable.”

Michelle Fröberg

"To me owning your birth means:

To take charge, prepare yourself and dare to listen to your body, mind and soul, what’s best for YOU, your family and your baby (even if everyone else tells you to do it differently). 

I recommend Own Your Birth because it will strengthen and empower you, including your birth team, not only during pregnancy, birth and post partum, but in life in a holistic manner as well.

Here you will find an enormous amount of necessary knowledge from all over the world gathered in just one plattform!

During the live webinaries you get the opportunity to ask experts your personal questions or just watch them in your own time. The workshops provide great input while strengthening your intuition. 

Own Your Birth has had a significant impact on my life and I am forever grateful for all the support, especially during my second pregnancy and birth! 

This community will support YOU and wants what’s best for YOU and your baby."

Juliana Borgström 

”To me owning your birth means deeply understanding that you are the main actress of your birth story, the one actively taking the decisions and standing for what is best for you and your baby. There is all the help in the world if you so choose, but remember that they are there just to assist you on the way and during your empowered birth story. The one delivering your baby is you and only you.

I recommend Own Your Birth because it is an extremely supportive forum for those women who want to have a conscious birthing experience. It is a powerful source of information with the positive mindset that is so needed to restore the rightful place of childbirth in our lives as a whole.”

Jaqueline Tan

"To me owning your birth means that I'm making me and my baby the priority throughout the whole process. Giving us space to grow and time to learn. To acknowledge myself as an individual that will have my unique birth journey and no matter how it will unfold, I will remain powerful. I'm prepared.

I recommend Own Your Birth because in today’s society there are a lot of outside influences who all have an opinion about what they think is best. While they most likely mean well, this leaves less room for you.

Maria and Kristina will give you the tools to put you back in charge, helping you to reflect, feel and integrate your intuition into any decisions. Their love, support and guidance gave me the trust to own my birth."

Helen Light

"To me owning your birth means that you actively participate in the process of not only your baby’s birth into this world, but your own rebirth as a woman, mother and feminine leader. To own your birth is to reclaim your right to be respected, protected and supported while you step into your righteous power as a gatekeeper and guardian of life. 

I recommend Own Your Birth because this community is abundant with trustworthy resources of information and collective support, experience and wisdom all regarding the portal and process of birth and it’s potential for healing. 

At your service, through my own."

Laila Amrouche

"It means birthing the way I want and for me that's undisturbed by examinations and just with the loving presence of my birth team letting me relax and let my body allow the baby earthside. 

Own Your Birth has been an ongoing support with education to empower us to know that we are capable of birthing naturally."

Sonja Bolsoy Sarkinen

"To me owning your birth means to take full responsibility for every aspect that it’s possible to affect, like place of birth, the atmosphere during birth, who is present, what is done to/for mother and baby, the mindset and tools for pain management and mental challenges. It means to face and confront all the emotions, fears and concerns surrounding birth. It means to plan for the birth YOU want and not giving one of the most powerful, life-changing and amazing experiences of your life over to someone else’s fears or opinions. 

I recommend Own Your Birth because: it gives you knowledge and perspective on a wide range of subjects around pregnancy, birth and parenting. It’s a safe space to share, learn and get unconditional support from other strong women, regardless of how you want to give birth." 


"To me owning your birth means taking charge of my birth experince. By obtaining information about potential scenarios and different outcomes I was better equiped to make informed decisions and affect my own experience in a positive direction.

I recommend Own Your Birth because of it's fantastic collection of information helping women find the mental and physical power within themselves they already possess and also information about physiological as well as medical aspects of giving birth."

Anna Haggärde

"To me owning my birth means trusting my intuition and my body.  It means self respect. I created a safe space for myself where i could give birth in the best way, in harmony with my own conditions. 

I recommend Own Your Birth because to me joining the own your birth community made me feel like I am a part of something bigger. It inspired me and strengthened me in my decisions."