Own Your Birth,

what does it mean and who's it for?

Owning your birth means that you take responsibility for your body, birth and baby by educating yourself, making conscious choices about birth and parenthood.

Our webinars, courses and ceremonies are not only suitable if you’re pregnant, but also for partners, doulas, midwives, doctors, students or anyone else interested in empowering births and parenthood. 


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About us behind OYB

Maria Bengtsson Lenn

Maria has previously worked as a doula and a journalist. Among other things, she was an editor for an online resource on pregnancy and birth: Mammasidan.se, when it was just launched in Sweden. She's the co-author of two books on pregnancy and birth: Gravid med kropp och själ och Föd på dina villkor

She has a Doula certificate from ODIS (Organisationen för doulor och Förlossningspedagoger i Sverige) and has trained with the well known doula trainer, childbirth educator and author Debra Pascali Bonaro, in her Advanced Birth Support Workshop.

Maria gave birth to her three children at home, with the support of her husband and wonderful midwives. She loves everything to do with empowering women, attachment parenting and happy babies. She believes this is the foundation for a more peaceful and healthy world.

Maria lives with her family on an island in the Stockholm archipelago.


Kristina Turner

Kristina is a writer and birth activist with 25 years’ experience. She wrote the book Natural Birth – A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding after giving birth to her children at home.

The deeply transformative experiences she had during these undisturbed births led her to recognise that birth has the potential to be an initiatory experience for all women. This led her to her current work, which focuses on effecting structural change and giving more women the opportunity to have intact births. She is a vocal advocate of women’s birth rights and evidence-based maternity care.

Kristina is a certified Sacred Birthkeeper at Glastonbury Goddess Temple in the UK. 

She lives on Södermalm in central Stockholm with her black cat Radagast. 


Collaborating for many years 

Kristina and Maria have worked together for many years to raise awareness around women's rights in childbirth and to educate and inspire women to empower themselves.

From 2011-2015 they represented Födelsehuset Stockholm, a birth-centred NGO in Sweden. During that period they arranged many lectures and workshops for pregnant women and their partners, midwives, doulas, doctors and students. One of the most well-known guests was the legendary American midwife and Right Livelyhood Award-winner Ina May Gaskin.They have also held birth preparation classes, Mother Blessing ceremonies and women's circles together.

Maria and Kristina are also co-founders of BRAÏDO ORGANICS, which offers beautiful organic, fair-trade and sustainable products for pregnancy, birth and beyond.